Self-Study Course

The Seven Pillars of Success!The Right Knowledge on YOUR Time

By now, you recognize that you need to go deeper with your skills as a business person, but you don’t have a lot of time and you really don’t want to add on to your student loan payment! You are creative, and business books bore you to tears. You want something that you can engage with, not just a book to read, and you want it to not be dry and dull…

The Seven Pillars of Success! Is an interactive, online training program that allows you to work on developing those business and personal development skills in the comfort of your own home.  Each week for 7 weeks, you’ll complete one module by listening to an audio presentation of the module by yours truly… and filling out the accompanying PDF action guide.  

PLUS, you’ll have a weekly Q&A call with either myself or one of my coaches where you can share your insights, breakthroughs, breakdowns, and questions in a group format.  This is the single biggest benefit to you actually completing the course: accountability.

This course was designed specifically for you, the creative, who has a big heart, loves to help others, has invested in your self already, and wants new knowledge, tools, and skills that will give you the feeling of confidence as a businessperson, not just a clinician.

There are 7 Chapters to the program. Each comes with an audio file and a stunning, full-color action guide PDF to fill out. Each takes less than an hour to listen to and complete. Here are the Chapters and why they are included:

  • Core Values – When you understand your process values as well as your results values, every business decision becomes clear.
  • Goal Setting – When you understand how to write S.M.A.R.T. goals, and the project management technique for fulfilling them, you materialize your vision every time.
  • Time Management – When you understand what you should NOT be doing, and focus and execute on what you should be doing, you experience being effective and productive as opposed to just plain busy all the time.
  • Personality Profiles – When you understand your work style, you immediately see who to partner with and who to avoid in order to realize your vision in the most efficient manner.
  • Networking – When you understand the secret to networking (most people have networking completely backwards), you create an army of referral sources working for you!
  • Negotiating – When you understand the secret to effective negotiating (again, most people have it all wrong), you create results that are always a win-win.
  • Work/Life Balance – There is only one you. You bring her everywhere you go. When you recognize that life is not linear and quantitative, you can finally experience satisfaction in every area of your life… at the same time.

In addition, there is a bonus interview of AMTA Lifetime Achievement Award winner Barbara Reuer, PhD, MT-BC on how to not only survive by thrive in any economy. Dr. Reuer has maintained a thriving private practice for over 30 years, and knows what it takes. She shares it all in this in-depth interview, which is included with your audio files.

I only offer this course at specific intervals and to specific groups, so you need to be on my mailing list to find out about this exclusive training occurs next.