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DDonamacThe Right Knowledge Delivered FAST

You have spent hours, months, YEARS, (and a lot of dollars) pursuing your clinical skills. You realized the best way to deliver those skills was through your own practice… but have you studied up on business and personal development skills in the same way you did clinical skills?

However, you’re busy! After all, you’ve got your business to run. You  can’t just go back to school and learn all that other stuff, too. You need tools, you need knowledge, but you don’t have a lot of time to integrate them.

The Daily Dose is a place where you will be exposed to best practices and resources on a different business and/or personal development topic every week that will help you grow as a businessperson, not a clinician. You’ll receive blog posts, articles, short videos, links to books and other blogs on the topic, etc.

Topics covered (in no particular order) include:

Finances, Marketing, Social Media, Self Care, Networking, Goal Setting, Limiting Beliefs, Negotiating, Re-thinking Selling, Work Life Balance, Core Values, Vision, Leadership, Client Happiness, How to Ask for (and Get) Referrals… and many more (35 more to be exact… wow!)

The Right Community

With just about everyone you know on facebook these days, goodness knows what kind of posts you have to sift through on your wall on a daily basis. Have you ever gone onto your wall ‘to catch up’ and then looked at the clock and wonder where the last hour of your life just went?

Wouldn’t it be great to have a place on facebook where business owners JUST LIKE YOU could mix and mastermind… FREE from distraction? Wouldn’t it be great to have a place where every Friday you can post an accomplishment from your week, and have a small army of other business owners celebrate your success and cheer you on?

The Daily Dose is a place where other entrepreneurs who are passionate about helping others lift you up every day, celebrate your victories with you, and inspire you into action with their successes as well.

The Right Advice

Have you ever been in a FB group and seen clinicians doling out legal, accounting, or technology advice? Yikes! The peer support is appreciated, but I don’t ask my accountant how to do my job as a music therapist, and you shouldn’t be asking other therapists questions that an accountant or lawyer should be answering!

Wouldn’t it be awesome to have exclusive group calls with experts on such topics where you can ask THEM for advice instead of another therapist?

The Daily Dose is a place where every quarter you are given the chance in a small group setting via phone to listen to and ask questions of experts from beyond the therapy community on topics like website design, small business accounting, etc!

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