Self Care 4 U! Sept 2015

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  1. Hey Tim,

    Thanks for mentioning music as a stressor! I started my undergrad with a 1 year old and had a second child 3 years later – needless to say I was on a 6 year plan! I NEVER had time to really enjoy music…fast forward 20 years or so, my nest is mostly empty and I have time and space for music making. Every time I sit at the piano or pick up my guitar to play, I feel like I am repaying a debt to myself. :)

    I also love to cook, so since I have a week or so to be home focusing on recovery and wellness, I am taking the opportunity to make music, eat healthy, spend time with my pets and a lot of reading and writing!

    Your blog about your dog made me cry…

  2. While in undergrad as a MT major, I spent a lot of time playing in brass ensembles, and recently began playing regularly again in my church worship band. It’s rewarding in a different way than my everyday singing with my students. I’m finding out how much I’ve missed playing. Thanks for your thought provoking and entertaining articles and videos reminding us of the necessity of self care!

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