Coaching sounds really great, but why is it so expensive?

Coaching is a business investment, and with any investment, you have to look at the Return On Investment, or ROI, to determine if making the investment makes sense for your business.  The breakthroughs that will occur in your business are determined by your hard work and willingness to risk, fail, grow, learn, and implement new and different strategies.  One of my company’s clients DOUBLED her monthly income after working with me for just a few months.  She probably invested $1,200 with my company, but has been earning an extra FIVE TO SIX THOUSAND DOLLARS A MONTH since her business breakthrough.  Now, we can’t guarantee that result for everyone we work with, but that is what is possible in working with a coach.

What’s the difference between coaching and therapy?

There are two main distinctions between the two, and the relationship has a little bit of a venn diagram look to it, meaning, they definitely overlap at the edges.  The first distinction is where therapy is primarily focused on past-based behavior, coaching is focused on present and future-based behavior.  The second is that where therapy is mainly insight oriented, coaching is action oriented.  In coaching, you will be coached from 3 main pillars of attention: Technique (doing things right), Accountability (doing things on time), and Perspective (doing the right things).

What if I don’t want to grow my company?  Why would I want a coach?

There are two main goals that my company’s coaching clients most often seek: 1. Growth, 2. Balance.  There are only 24 hours in every day, and to the entrepreneur/business owner, growth of their company often leads to growth of their time commitment to ‘keep the ball rolling.’  Inherently, this throws some other area(s) of their life out of balance, and after a while, they seek some sort of balance.  Working with a coach will help you find where you are out of balance and how to restore balance in a way that is congruent with your values.

I’m really busy.  Is coaching just more work for me?

Coaching isn’t necessarily about doing more.  It may be, in certain cases, about doing less.  Being busy does not equate to being productive, or effective.  Often times, clients are busy working on tasks that should be delegated and/or outsourced.  When clients get focused on doing the right things, they are more freed up to act in the executive / visionary role that every business requires to be successful.

What if I’m having challenges at home? Do you coach only on business topics?

There is an old saying, “How you do anything is how you do everything.”  In other words, you bring your whole self everywhere you go.  Your “work life” influences your “home life” and vice versa.  So, sometimes it is necessary to look at ‘the other side of the coin’ in order to cause the necessary breakthroughs in your whole self.  So, yes, when appropriate, we will look at other areas of life if that is where the biggest breakdowns are occurring.