Self Care 4 U! August 2015

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Website Webinar With Chris Martinez

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Self Care 4 U! July 2015

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Self Care 4 U! June 2015

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Self Care 4 U! May 2015

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(I thought about changing the picture, but it was too funny…) How have U automated your process to getting debt free?  Leave a comment below!

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R U Blogging?

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Time to talk blogging!  Blogging is one of the best ways to help your website rank on Google’s search engine. Google LOVES new content and so it rewards any site that features it by scoring it higher in search results. Okay that’s fine, you say, but what might you blog about and how easy is it to integrate into your website? Well, if you have a wordpress site, it’s a piece of cake. Even if you don’t, you can work with your webmaster or someone on or to set it up for you. I can’t imagine that at this point in the web, there’s anyone reading this that doesn’t know what a blog is or doesn’t / hasn’t read one before. It’s just a platform for writing articles that can be commented on. What you write on is up to you, but I recommend sharing two things that would help show people your company is the right fit for them: 1)  Highlights from working with clients and 2) Frequently asked questions. You can even have those be the two sections you cover in every post: Highlight of the day and Question of the Day. This is a GREAT way to show off the value of working with you. Are U blogging (yet)? If not, why...

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