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Empower U Academy provides online and offline products and programs to help therapists of all types get the business and personal development tools they need to be successful business owners.

Every therapist deserves to have ALL the tools required to run a successful business.  As clinicians, we only received HALF this training in school.  We were taught how to treat our patients and clients, but NOT how to get them to BE our patients and clients in the first place!

Depending on your style and your budget, Empower U has something to help you move from feeling isolated to connected, intimidated to confident, and from overwhelmed to balanced… all without sacrificing your values! In the menu at the top of the page, click on SERVICES, and read and listen to more!

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“Empower U Academy has changed the way I think. I had felt like I was spinning my wheels for a long time, but I wasn’t able to pinpoint how to fix it and where to go from there. From the daily inspiration and information provided alongside the opportunity for personal growth through individual coaching sessions, I feel like I’ve started anew with a fresh state of mind and new outlook on life and my future.” Sara Rosenow MA, MT-BC/L


“I have loved being part of Empower U Academy. Tim’s energy is so uplifting! He has masterfully taken me from wherever I was in my habits of how I work and whether I see our work as businesses (or not) and very gently lifted me up onto a kind of platform with a much better view of my life. Tim has created an amazing mix of life and business coaching in the most affordable package possible. The community is super positive and yet we have this opportunity to share challenges and receive the kindest support from one another.” Susan Seale


“You find ways to make a very confident professional MORE confident in simply getting me to analyze myself.  You are worth every second of my time.  THANK YOU!!! :-)”  Jennifer Peyton, MT-BC


“I got the opportunity to know Tim and receive his answers to my  questions. I must say he is very professional, supportive and motivating! He helped me to change my mindset so that I may begin taking  action in my dreams! Thank you Tim!”  Lizeth Rios, MT-BC


“You are absolutely INCREDIBLE!  You have inspired me like no one I have  ever met and you are exactly what our profession needs!  Can’t wait to see how you will change this profession for the better!  Thank you!”  Crystal Pratt